My name is Shreyas and I have a passion for working with computers and re-re-re-designing my website. I spend most of my time writing code. I consider myself to be a gadgetphile though I don’t always own the latest gadgets. I am fascinated by computer games – no, not the FPS types, mostly non-bloody strategy and simulation types. My non-geeky interests include guitar, photography, astronomy, hiking, running, and badminton.

Public projects

A┬áride sharing web application for meetup.com users to help find rides to get to events easily. Deployed to Google App Engine. Consumes meetup.com‘s RESTful API, OAuth v1 for user authentication, JSP and Google Web Toolkit for the front-end, and Google’s datastore (via Objectify API) for the database.
Url: http://meetcarpool.appspot.com

This is my implementation of a carpooling application. It is my first free public website where people can find existing carpools or create new ones. And then let the site do the rest. Check it out if this is something you’re interested in. And spread the word.
Url: http://carpooler.us


Technology Blog

I ramble about all things geek here.

Higher Education Blog

This is where I ramble about my experience as a graduate student at the University of Florida. I have been contacted by many prospective students in the past regarding concerns and what to expect in general. You will find this section useful if you fall in this category. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to help so many students.