How can I estimate my fees?

Multiply the number of credits you have signed up for each semester by the amount per credit to get your tuition fees.
For example, if you are signing up for 9 credits and you have an award which gets your fees down to 525, then your fees for that semester would be
9 * 525 = $4725

An example: This is how it usually goes for people coming in Fall:

  • Fall 200x: Take 3 courses (9* credits)
  • Spring 200y: Take 3 courses (9* credits)
  • Summer 200y: Take 1 course or do an internship (3* credits)
  • Fall 200y: Take the remaining 3 courses (9* credits)
  • * Assuming each course is equal to 3 credits.

Thus, you complete your Masters by December 200y.
Now, the Math (only for tuition):

  • Fall 200x: 9*915 (or 9*525)
  • Spring 200y: 9*915 (or 9*525)
  • Summer 200y: 3*915 (or 3*525)
  • Fall 200y: 9*915 (or 9*525)
  • So, around $27,450 or $15,750

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