How much money do I carry in person while travelling?

  • Get some in cash, say $100 – $500, Get a lot of $1 and $5 bills – they are needed for vending machines at airports,
  • Get some in Travelers Cheques, say around $500 – $1000,
  • You can get some using a Foreign Travel Card, say around $500 (eg: Vishwa Yatra card from SBI) – This according to me is really safe and convenient. Its like a debit card and you load it from India in $$ and use it like a credit card here. The best part is that there are no transaction fees when you use it at stores, however, you need to pay some $4 per transaction when you withdraw money at ATMs and you can withdraw around $800 in a single transaction. This is a good way for your parents to send money to you – They will load it from India, and you can simply unload it from any local ATM machine. You might end up paying transaction fees all the time, but its convenient – both for you and your parents.
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