My interest lies in XYZ. What courses should I take?

That’s a good question. You’re coming all the way here to study (or just get a US degree and/or job).
You shouldn’t worry about the courses because:

  • You get a 2 week period (or more) to attend all the courses you think you like just to get an idea of what the course looks like,
  • Once you find the course you like, simply register for it online.

There are many factors which you may want to consider when you select a course: (not in any specific order)

  • Interest! And not because your best friend is taking it.
  • Work load, as in the number of assignments, projects, midterms, easy/hard.
  • The professor.
  • Course contents and whether or not you will actually get to learn something important/new.
  • Current demand for that course / How many companies look for that course on the resume / Future considerations like if you want to do some kinda specialization.
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