What about campus jobs?

During the first 9 months of our stay, we are eligible for on-campus jobs. Total number of hours that can be worked per week is 20. The minimum wage in FL was around $6.67/hr when I graduated. This should be (more than) enough to cover your living expenses (assuming you don’t fancy a lavish lifestyle). Note that $6.67 is the minimum. Programming jobs can pay as much as $14/hr or in some cases $20! That is a LOT of money as a student.

These are the places where people mostly get campus jobs:

  • Gator Dining (the canteen),
  • Libraries,
  • At the Reitz Union (check their webpage),
  • Seagle Building near Downtown (yes, its on-campus, you have to conducttelephone surveys here),
  • Data entry jobs in many departments (you have to search for these),
  • Programming jobs in many departments (you have to search for these),
  • Also, lookup Jobs@UF for more openings.

Note: Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get a job during the first few months. You’re not bad, its just that either there isn’t a demand or there are too many people competing or its just your luck or you’re searching at the wrong place. It will change, don’t worry.
Even if you don’t get a job for the first semester, don’t panic. Semester breaks are the best time to hunt for a campus job as many students graduate. You can even ask your friends to recommend you for their position after they leave – this has worked for many students in the past.
What if you don’t find a campus job at all? Take it easy. Living expenses are nothing compared to the tuition costs. You’ll cover it all in a couple of months once you get a full-time job. I know its easier said than done, but just have fun at UF – it’s a great place to be and this clearly will be among the best days of your life away from home!

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