What about the Placement scene?

Placement [Internship and Full-time]:
The scene for full-time is good. Many people have got into firms like Microsoft, Google (For Computer Engineering majors). Visit the CRC website to see the list of companies that come to UF.
People usually find jobs through one of the following ways:

  • Career Fair organized by the CRC. This happens at the start of each semester, so technically you can attend atleast 3 career fairs. This is a good place to get started with your job search as it gives you a good exposure to companies and gives you lots of opportunities to network. The CRC has programs that assist you with building your resume and interview techniques.
  • Online. Through job portals or company websites. This works for many students (including me). I got my internship (and a full time) through online applications. This gives you a lot of options. But since companies get many applications daily, it’s easy for your resume to get lost in the huge pile. So work on your resume to make it stand out. Some job portals are yahoo hotjobs, monster, collegegrad, dice, etc.
  • Through referrals. Ask your friends to refer you to their managers. This works for some students.

Note about the recent recession: Things were bad between ‘2008-09 and people hope things will improve. It’s hard to say what things are going to look like a couple of years from now, so it’s hard for me to comment on internship/full-time opportunities. But yeah, the job market right now isn’t certainly the best one could hope for. That said, there is still a decent demand for inexpensive software guys and that works out well for us.

Final Note: There aren’t many software companies around in FL that hire international students, so it might be hard to find a full-time job through the career fairs. I am not saying it is impossible, just saying it is not easy. That said, UF CE has a good reputation and you should be able to find jobs elsewhere in the country (apply online, through contacts, etc).

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